Russian Economic
and Financial Forum

Jubilee Session
16 February 2017
Moscow, Russia

Registration of delegates
Exhibitions and presentations


The following institutions became Partners of the Jubilee Session of the Russian Economic and Financial Forum in the Moscow:

Association of Russian Banks

The commercial banks started to be established in Russia in 1988.
By the end of 1988 in Russian Federation there were 25 commercial and co-operative banks; by the end of 1989 – 137 banks. The necessity of collective defense of commercial banks’ interests became the reason of appearing of different bank associations. In August 1989 Moscow Bank Union was created. In 1990 Russian Bank Union appeared in Perm. On the initiative of Moscow Bank Union, Russian Bunk Union and Leningrad Bank Association in March 27-28 the Congress of commercial and co-operative banks of Russian Federation was held in Moscow. The Congress took the decision to re-organize Russian Bank Union into the Association of Russian Banks and adopted its Charter. Representatives of 65 commercial and co-operative banks of Russian Federation became members of the Association of Russian Banks.
The Association of Russian Banks is non-government non-commercial organization that unites commercial banks and other credit organizations, as well as organizations the activity of which is connected with functioning of money-and-credit system of Russian Federation.

Main goals of the Association are:

- participation in banking business of Russian Federation, in the activities carried out by the government and administration bodies, by the Central Bank of Russian Federation aimed at stabilization of economy, monetary circulation and realization of monetary-credit policy;
- presentation and defense of credit organizations’ interests in legislative and executive bodies of authorities, in the Central Bank of Russia, judicial, law-enforcement, taxation and other state bodies;
- assistance to credit organizations in consolidation of their resources for solving large-scale programs of national economy;
- rending to credit organizations of managerial, information-analytical, methodical, jural and other kinds of help in their work on servicing juridical persons and population in conditions of market economics on the base of analyses of foreign and domestic experience;
- support of mutual confidence, prestige of credit organizations, contacts between their leaders and specialists, stability and respectability, business partnership in relationships of credit organizations with each other and with the clients;
- contribution to the development of cooperation of Russian credit organizations with foreign banks, their Unions and Associations, International finance organizations.

In order to achieve the above goals the Association:

- seeks for adoption of juridical and sub-legislative normative acts facilitating development of monetary-credit system, raising its stability and independence, protecting credit organizations from illegal interference of state bodies into their activities; works out independently or directly takes part in preparation of such acts;
- coordinates its activities with the Central Bank of Russia;
- works out and sends to the competent governing and administrative bodies as well as to the Central Bank of Russia suggestions on realization of monetary-credit policy, regulation of credit organizations’ activities, stabilization of monetary circulation, financial and credit market, on improvement of tax policy in the sphere of bank activities;
- renders to the Association members juridical, organizing, consultative and other kinds of help in concrete situations according to their request and on its own initiative;
- analyzes the state and tendencies of development of the economics, banking business, financial and credit markets, informs and gives recommendations on these issues to the Association members;
- informs credit organizations about the decisions of governing and administrative bodies, taxation bodies and the Bank of Russia, about decisions made by the court on disputes dealing with the activities of credit organizations;
- organizes conferences, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions on actual issues of monetary-credit policy and bank activities, takes part in their realization;
- cooperates with domestic and foreign Unions, Associations and other institutions of credit organizations, fantasists and manufactures;
- assists to the raise of professional level of chiefs and specialists of credit organizations, to creation of schools, Centers and courses of retraining for bank stuff, organizes probation period for specialists of credit organizations in Russia and abroad;
- organizes and carries out information-publishing activities, informs the population about situation in bank system; publishes “Bulletin of Russian Banks Association”, illustrates in it and in mass media the experience of credit organizations’ activities, their role in economical life of Russia.

Arbitration tribunal of ARB considers ownership claims aroused between banks and other participants of civil turnover.
In the Association also functions the Security Service “Amulet” that carries out various activities on secure functioning of bank institutions.

Analitical Banking Journal

“Banking Technologies” Magazine

Streletskaya, 6, office 29.
Moscow, Russia
Tel./Fax (495)689-54-56
Based in Russia and founded in 1994, “Banking Technologies” magazine has a 20-years experience in providing a consistent coverage of technology and financial systems for the banking industry. Since in today’s highly competitive market, it is essential for financial institutions to maintain a competitive edge, our content has evolved together with the market to mobile banking and finance, distant banking, contactless payments, issues around Russian National Payment System, etc.
For our readers - IT professionals in financial institutions - our magazine provides unrivalled opportunities in supporting business decision-making via access to industrial information on trends, best practices, solutions coverage and analytical surveys with data visualization via infographics. For our sponsors – our magazine provides opportunities to promote your company to an audience of senior decision-makers and IT-professionals in financial institutions.
We deliver 12 issues a year, with the total circulation of 6 thousand copies, and supplements dedicated to events.

BDM. Banks and the business world

BDM. Banks and the business world - the new name of magazine "Banking in Moscow", the professional edition for specialists of the credit organizations and financial sphere. The name changing reflects consecutive development of the edition: the BDM sphere of interests and influences is not limited to the Moscow region and activity of banks only.

BDM it is published since 1995 with information support of Moscow territorial department of Russian Federation Central Bank, support of the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen, International Congress of industrialists and businessmen. BDM is a member of Russian regional bank Association, and Guild of Financial managers.

Heads and experts of Russian Federation Central Bank and its territorial department, commercial banks, State Duma and Council of Federation, Administration of the President of Russia, workers of legislative and supervising bodies, representatives of bank associations, CEO and CFO of middle and small business are the main authors and readers of BDM magazine. The magazine distributes exclusively by subscription.

Klimashkina str, 12, office 3
Moscow, 123557, Russia
Tel. +7 (499) 995-33-37+7 (499) 995-33-37


«Банковская аналитика» Magazine

Monthly “The Banking” Journal

A monthly “The Banking” journal has been published since January 1994. At the present time it is a leading scientifically applied edition about the banking business. The major audience is the top and mid bank management of the financial groups, insurance, IT companies, regional and city administrations. Objective and professional approach to the sources of publications gives the reader a wide range of different opinions of the most burning problems of the banking business. Publications in the journal are admitted by the Highest Attestation Committee under the government of RF Education Ministry as appropriate.


"Bank review" Magazine

Magazine "Bank review" is published monthly since 1996. It’s the main bank magazine in Russia, where you can read analytics, the review of events and tendencies in bank sphere, comments of best experts and leading market participants on most actual themes of Russian banking sector.

Audience of magazine "Bank review ":
-  proprietors, top-managers and experts of banks;
-  heads of state offices, public associations;
-  suppliers of services and productions for banks;
-  consumers of bank services, both private and corporate

The editor-in-chief - Miroshnichenko Andrey Aleksandrovich. Magazine tirazh  - 12 thousand copies. Volume - 96-112 pages. Extends on a subscription and at retail in Moscow, regions of Russia and the CIS countries.
Web site
Phone of edition  +7 (495) 101-23-34+7 (495) 101-23-34 .


«Бизнес - эксперт» Magazine


All-Russian Insurance Association (ARIA)

The All-Russian Insurance Association (ARIA) was established in 1994. The ARIA is a non-profit organization and the largest association of insurance and reinsurance companies and infrastructural organizations on the Russian insurance market. The purpose of the ARIA is to develop and improve the national insurance business, to protect the interests of its members.
In 2014, the All-Russian Insurance Association consisted of more than 160 members, including federal and local companies ensuring more than 70% of the total insurance premium in the Russian Federation.

National Banking Magazaine

National Banking Magazaine is the first national business edition devoted to the problems of the banking society.

The magazine portrays the state of the national banking sector, its role in the development of the national economy and society, its place in the world financial system. Different activities of crediting organizations, financial, investment and insurance companies are being thoroughly described at the pages of the magazine.

The founder of the «National Banking Magazine» is the Russian Banking Association.


Prime Business News Agency CJSC

Prime is the leading business news agency in Russia and a subsidiary of Rossiya Segodnya media company. It ranks 1st among the most-cited financial news agencies in the country.*

An outstanding team of journalists and analysts works day and night so that subscribers will be the first to know the key Russian and global economic news and events.

PRIME provides data to the Russia's Presidential Executive Office, Russian Government, Bank of Russia and other public agencies as well as to major Russian banks and companies. PRIME subscribers include news aggregators and leading business media.

PRIME has an exclusive cooperation agreement with Dow Jones Newswires in Russia, publishing news items on the global foreign exchange, commodity and stock markets.

PRIME is also accredited by the Bank of Russia to disclose securities information. The agency acts as a publisher and distributor of the Bank of Russia Bulletin.

Besides, PRIME is an official partner of major trading platforms and rating agencies. Through PRIME Inforterminal the agency can broadcast a wide range of data feeds, news and analytic items and macroeconomic data.

The agency's portfolio comprises over 40 corporate products and services, such as BIR-Analitik system – a tool for comprehensive corporate analysis and evaluation of business landscape, credibility assessment, identification of customers and market research. Another system – Prime Trading Terminal – is used to manage liquidity, conversion, deposit and credit transactions with bank subsidiaries and customers.

*According to the 1Q data by Medialogia

RAEX (Expert RA)

RAEX (Expert RA) is the leading Rating Agency and one of the largest analytical centers in Russia with 19-year history. RAEX (Expert RA) is included in the register of credit rating agencies, the Bank of Russia. Today the Agency assigned more than 700 individual ratings. This is the 1st place and about 42% of the total quantity of assigned ratings in Russia.

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