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Vladimir PUTIN, President of Russia, Prime Minister of Russia (1999-2000, 2008-2012)

Russian Economic and Financial Forum is to my mind an important and highly useful initiative. During the last decade it accumulated solid traditions and became a well established platform for the discussion of actual issues related to the development of the Russian economy, promotion of the Russia-Switzerland cooperation in finance, banking and investments. I am confident that Forum facilitates adoption of tangible solutions and recommendations aimed at the positive development of partnership between businessmen, experts and scientists of two countries.


Valentina MATVIENKO, Chairperson of the Council of the Federation, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (Upper Chamber of the Russian Parliament)

The initiative of the Russian Economic and Financial Forum in the United Arab Emirates appears to be well-timed and highly promising. At the forum of the two countries, business people and members of authorities will be able to discuss a wide range of issues related to economic and humanitarian cooperation and to identify ways to implement bilateral programs and projects. The participants in the forum can take advantage of public diplomacy format and direct civil society dialogue to exchange objective information, overcome imposed stereotypes and behaviour patterns and bring nations closer together in their desire to live in peace and respect of universal human values.


Sergey MIRONOV, Chairman of the Council of the Federation, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (Upper Chamber of the Russian Parliament) (2001-2011)

During these years the Russian Economic and Financial Forum in Switzerland has become an important source of information for Swiss and European communities about the legislative initiatives of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and efforts of the Government of the Russian Federation to effectively modernize and improve the process of the transition to the market economy. This Forum also plays an important role in promoting Russia-Switzerland cooperation in foreign trade, investments, banking and tourism as well as facilitates the development of integration processes and elaboration of joint projects for small and medium size enterprises. 


Boris GRYZLOV, Chairman of the State Duma, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (Lower Chamber of the Russian Parliament) (2003-2011)

A series of Conferences Transition to the Market Economy: New Challenges in Economic and Financial Sectors provides a unique opportunity for a constructive dialog between political, business and expert elites of different countries. Deputies of the Russian parliament participate with great interest in discussions on urgent issues of international economic and financial relations held at these conferences. State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation gives much prominence to the legislation promoting the creation of a sound legal ground for the development of market economy in our country.


Aleksander ZHUKOV, President of the Olympic Committee of Russia, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia (2004-2011)

The Russian Economic and Financial Forum in West European countries having close political, economic and financial ties with Russia has become an established tradition. These meetings serve to promote cooperation with our European neighbours and enhance the dialog between representatives of the business community. Important pertinent issues discussed at the plenary sessions, profound and interesting presentations attract delegates and make contacts between them informal and fruitful.


Sergey STEPASHIN, Chairman of the Accounting Chamber of Russia (2000-2013), Prime Minister of Russia (1999)

The Russian Economic and Financial Forum in Switzerland and the Russia-Netherlands Economic Forum have become remarkable events in bilateral relations of Russia with Switzerland and The Netherlands. Intensification of contacts between representatives of the legislative and executive branches of power, bankers and entrepreneurs serves interests of our countries and provides a regular opportunity for a discussion of many practical aspects of the cooperation.


Sergey LAVROV, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

Russia and Finland are bound by common history of good neighbourhood and fruitful cooperation. An active dialog of the Presidents of our countries Vladimir Putin and Tarja Halonen, intense contacts between the respective governments, strengthening interregional relations, especially along the borders, laid a solid foundation for the further progressive growth of Russian-Finnish relations. The traditional exchange of goods is complimented by modern forms of economic partnership – joint implementation of large projects, transfer of know-how in the domain of technology and innovations, investment cooperation and infrastructure support of business contacts. Banking and financial ties have also being successfully developed.

I wish all the participants of the Russian Economic and Financial Forum in Finland a productive experience, launching new large business projects and the involvement of an ever expanding circle of businessmen from our countries into the development of the Russian-Finnish business partnership.


Sergey IGNATIEV, Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia (2002-2013)

Forums and Conferences Transition to the Market Economy are instrumental to informal discussions of draft banking laws initiated by the State Duma and help to learn opinions of different interested parties.


Johann SCHNEIDER-AMMANN, Federal Councilor and Minister of Economy of Switzerland

The rich program of the Russian Economic and Financial Forum will undoubtedly support a more comprehensive understanding of Russia's current economic policy and thereby facilitate the successful cooperation between Switzerland and Russia.


Joseph DEISS, Federal Councilor and Minister of Economy of Switzerland (2003-2006)

The Russian Economic and Financial Forum in Switzerland – an important event for promoting Swiss-Russian economic relations. This Forum will have on its agenda important economic and financial issues of mutual interest. The participants from Russia and Switzerland will get a deeper insight in questions that are at present challenging the governments of the two countries. Furthermore, this Forum will provide an opportunity for direct contacts between governmental and business representatives that will help to intensify bilateral economic relations.


Hans ALTHERR, President of the Council of States (Upper Chamber of the Swiss Parliament) (2012)

I am particularly pleased to attend this Forum and to represent the Swiss Parliament. This Forum is an excellent opportunity to discuss political, economic and financial questions and to develop and strengthen relationships on several levels.


Hansheiri INDERKUM, President of the Council of States (Upper Chamber of the Swiss Parliament) (2011)

The Forum is an opportune moment to address questions concerning the future of economic and financial hubs in our own countries, in Europe and elsewhere in the world. The Russian Economic and Financial Forum in Switzerland is an important platform where possible answers to these questions may be found.


Gerold BÜHRER, President of Economiesuisse (2007-2012)

The Russian Economic and Financial Forum offers the opportunity to further strengthen the bilateral relations between Russia and Switzerland with the aim of tapping the full economic potential. The Forum is an ideal platform for renewing business relationships, creating new networks and discussing current challenges and economic opportunities with experts from both countries.


Marek BELKA, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (2005-2010)

The Russian Economic and Financial Forum in Switzerland and the Regional Cooperation Forum have established themselves as important meeting points where the business community and policy makers from the two countries can debate major cross-border business projects as well as practical ways and means for strengthening international economic cooperation.


Pierre MIRABAUD, Chairman of the Swiss Bankers Association (2003-2009)

The Regional Cooperation Forum provides a marvelous opportunity for participants to update themselves on developments taking place in the banking sectors and financial markets of our respective countries. Russia is an important emerging growth market with much present and future potential.


HSH Hereditary Prince ALOIS of Liechtenstein

The Russian Economic and Financial Forum in Switzerland provides a chance for delegates from Switzerland, Liechtenstein and other European countries to get from the key executives of the Russian government, parliament and business elite a first-hand detailed information about the political, economic and social development of one of the largest countries in the world. Furthermore it promotes the country image, informs business partners about the potential of the national economy and dresses guidelines to intensify the international cooperation in specific sectors. This Forum is also a useful ground for law-makers, businessmen and diplomats to compare and coordinate economic and financial legislations and practices employed in different jurisdictions.


Gerhard SCHRÖDER, Chairman of the Shareholders’ Committee of Nord Stream, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (1998-2005)

The Russian Economic and Financial Forum has been providing for many years a useful opportunity and excellent stage for European businessmen wishing to explore Russian market, present their projects and establish reliable contacts with Russian counterparts. It is also the place where future projects can be discussed and different points of view can be heard and integrated in these projects. The ongoing process of the European integration including close cooperation between the European Union and Russian energy systems can only be intensified and facilitated by such multilateral meetings and dedicated discussions characterised by high professional level of speakers and attending delegates.


Job COHEN, Mayor of Amsterdam (2002-2011)

The Russia-Netherlands Economic Forum demonstrated a genuine interest of political and business communities of both countries in developing bilateral cooperation and contacts. I have the confidence that it will strengthen the existing ties between our countries and businesses and that we can even expand our cooperation.


Garegin TOSUNYAN, President of the Association of Russian Banks

From the very first session presidents of the Association of Russian Banks participated in international conferences Transition to the Market Economy which were supplemented later by bilateral economic forums and first of all by the Russian Economic and Financial Forum in Switzerland. In the process of transition to the market economy in Russia and development of its banking sector these conferences became an integral part of life of our banking community. Top managers of major Russian banks have been attending them on a regular basis and each time they find in these events something new and interesting. For me as a lawyer and a banker with a long-term involvement in problems of Russian banking community and legislation it is always interesting to take part in these meetings and learn opinions and specific proposals of members of the Association and foreign colleagues. Many of these proposals were finally reflected in documents and legislative initiatives of the Association of Russian Banks.  


Mikhail ZADORNOV, President-Chairman of the Board, Bank VTB 24, Minister of Finance of Russia (1997-1999)

I took part in many international forums and conferences and in my opinion the Russian Economic and Financial Forum in Switzerland is one of the most interesting and meaningful meetings attended by Russian delegates. The long history and many successful sessions of this Forum and conferences Transition to the Market Economy testify to the fact that Russian and foreign delegates consider them to be useful and value their atmosphere and results.


Boris TITOV, Business Ombudsman, Chairman of the All-Russian Public Organization «Business Russia» (2008-2012)

Long term close ties between businessmen from Russia and Switzerland resulted in many successful projects realized in engineering, food industries, financial and tourism sectors. Cooperation between our countries experiences a steady growth and such meetings like Russian Economic and Financial Forum in Switzerland facilitate this growth and promote the discussion of new prospective areas of cooperation. Members of the «Business Russia» consider the joint work with their Swiss colleagues as an important element of the Russia’s integration into the global market system and they are ready to continue this fruitful cooperation to the benefit of the development of bilateral relations.


Sergey BORISOV, President of the All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises «OPORA Rossii» (2002-2014)

Experience of Swiss colleagues is a useful reference for Russian entrepreneurs. Small and medium-size Swiss enterprises in fact lay down the foundation of the economy of this country and together with large and worldwide known Swiss companies make a substantial contribution to its prosperity. Representatives of member companies of “OPORA Rossii” use meetings, discussions and seminars organized within the framework of the Russian Economic and Financial Forum in Switzerland to find new partners as well as to exchange the experience and information with Swiss businessmen. This Forum not only helps us to learn the experience of leading European states but also provides the ground for the elaboration of universal solutions of general and specific problems facing small and medium-size enterprises in Europe.


Ivan PICTET, Chairman of the Geneva Financial Center (2005-2013)

In the world of finance, the Geneva Financial Center has been a respected center for the last 500 years. Its banking industry combines a strong tradition and respect for financial privacy. In the banking reform process in Russia under way, the expertise of Switzerland and Swiss bankers could be decisive. I am confident that the Regional Cooperation Forum will provide a platform for additional cooperation and business opportunities, and will further promote the development of Swiss-Russian relationship.



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